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Little Hen Rescue

Saving and rehoming poultry

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 'Working with the farmers to retire these working girls into a wonderful free range life...'
We are a 'not-for-profit' organisation, this means every donation that comes to us, goes back into the organisation much like a charity. Everybody who works and helps are here on a voluntary basis. We are a work in motion, everytime we have a rescue another enclosure is erected, or more poultry crates are bought.
Our aims are to give farmers another option to slaughter, as we and lots of you know these hens have so much more to give and many more years. We rehome the hens on to people like yourselves with a good pet home for life.
We regularly save caged, barn and freerange laying hens, and have set dates to collect from our regular farmers.

We are running on the bread line due to high overheads and our 'we take all hens' rule, this means all hens in the farm are taken when we arrive to collect them. As you may or may not know there are a small number of hens needing more time due to stress, wounds, broken limbs or deformity , these hens are the ones we treat and rehabilitate at LHR base in our hospital wing. Medicine and medical supplies come at a high cost so every donation is a god send.
We are based on a 2 acre plot in Norfolk, we rely on the good will of sponsors, farmers and re-homers alike.
We occasionally take in cockerels and other types of poultry such as turkeys, peafowl, quail, ducks and geese.

All homes are to be pet homes for life and our re-homed birds will remain on our data base, incase of future check-ups.
We regularly update the website with poultry needing homes, estimated rescue dates for battery hens, how many saved from factory farms and our sponsored resident hens.
Help with our appeals, sponsor us, and donate as little £1

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